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Scalable. Reliable. Flexible.

Leverage StreamGuys to provide your dedicated virtual infrastructure. We build and manage the system; so you get all of the benefits and none of the headache.

Your platform is built based on the amount of resources required, such as CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network. As your partner, StreamGuys will help design and estimate resource requirements for your application.


The cluster is managed, and health monitored centrally. This reduces our response time and adds to the platform’s overall reliability.


RAM, disk size, or CPU cycles can be added transparently or, at most, with a simple reboot. Load balanced services remain available during reboots.

High Availability(HA)

An HA enabled VM is heartbeat monitored such that any physical host failure will automatically trigger a replicate VM to boot immediately on a separate physical server.

Load Balancing

Divide traffic between at least two VMs running the same services. This prevents a single server's failure from taking down your streams.